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Hate Crime Monitoring Guidelines
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Facing Facts! Forward Report now online

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Hate Crime Monitoring Guidelines

A Victim-Centred Approach to Tackling Hate Crime

Read interviews with experts in the field of hate crime monitoring recently published in the Facing Facts! Forward Conference Report.

The "Facing Facts! Forward Conference for a Victim Centred Approach to Tackling Hate Crime" report is now online.
Read the full report including interviews, results and recommendations.

There is a common misconception that hate crimes affect only members of certain groups — groups targeted for their e.g. ethnicity, sexuality, or physical appearance, etc. However, the fact is that anyone can be a victim of hate-based threats, assaults, murders, desecration, or vandalism because hate crimes are...

Collecting data, analysing it and reporting on hate crime can provide communities and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) with a powerful tool with which to present their concerns to government, law enforcement, media and others. Find out more on best practice.

Building on the success of the past four years, Facing Facts! is happy to announce its new phase: Facing Facts Forward! This new phase will include, among the other things, a European Conference in Brussels on the subject of recording and reporting of hate crimes.

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Warsaw Downtown skyline. Image by DocenttX

Join us for a 2-day joint seminar for law enforcement and Civil Society Organisations (Deadline 19 October).

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Mike Whine of the Community Security Trust (CST) presented Facing Facts! at the 'Human Dimension Implementation Meeting' of the OSCE-ODHIR in Warsaw...

According to the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, efforts to combat discrimination, especially hate crime, have not been successful. Whilst official monitoring of disability hate crime is limited, OSCE/ODIHR have recognised it as a prevalent issue facing our communities...

Asif Sadiq (National Association of Muslim Police)

“It is important for us to work closely with CSOs”

Asif Sadiq, National Association of Muslim Police

Building on the success of the past four years, Facing Facts!, the innovative programme aiming to tackle the issue of hate crime in Europe, hosted the Facing Facts Forward Conference in Brussels on March 3rd and 4th 2015. Read the conference report and recommendations.

View a selection of photographs from our recent 'Facing Facts! Foward' European Conference held in Brussels in March.

Do you know what a hate crime is?

Brussels 5th March 2015 – Facing Facts! gives significant boost to the cooperation among civil society, government and international organisations to combat hate crimes in Europe

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Facing Facts! is co-ordinated by CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe.

For more information about any aspect of the project please contact CEJI's Community Affair Coordinator Melissa Sonnino