Set up in 2011 by a group of NGOs led by CEJI – a Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe, Facing Facts is an innovative programme and network aiming to tackle the issue of hate crime and hate speech.

Moving forward, Facing Facts has evolved into a broad international network of civil society organisations and law enforcement agencies that generate holistic, multi-stakeholder approaches to hate crime monitoring, response and prevention.

Our Vision

We work across communities and institutions to transform understanding of and responses to hate crime and hate speech in Europe and beyond for the benefit of victims, communities and societies.

Our strategic objectives

  • To foster communication and cooperation across Network’s members.
  • To gather evidence on the impact of Facing Facts Network activities and to learn in the process.
  • Build the capacity of Network’s members and other stakeholders with a particular focus on developing knowledge and skills in online capacity building in these areas.
  • Support the creation of a reflective anti-hate crime and hate speech community of learning and practice.
  • To develop the evidence based on what motivates and supports police, criminal justice professionals to develop their skills through online learning programmes.
  • To support all responsible stakeholders to map the strengths and weaknesses of hate crime and hate speech response systems.
  • To inform and to contribute to efforts to harmonise and ensure consistency in the work of IGOs from the EU perspective.


Projects co-organised by Facing Facts

Facing Facts is a partner to several projects that support the Facing Facts Network strategic objectives.

“There are also impressive civil society initiatives to support improved monitoring and investigation of hate speech, such as the ‘Facing Facts’ programme”
, Michael O’Flaerty, FRA director at the European Conference on Antisemitism in Vienna in April 2023.

Facing Facts is co-funded by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme 
(2021-2027) of the European Union.