Set up in 2011 by a group of NGOs led by CEJI – a Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe, Facing Facts is an innovative programme and network aiming to tackle the issue of hate crime and hate speech.

Moving forward, Facing Facts has evolved into a broad international network of civil society organisations and law enforcement agencies that generate holistic, multi-stakeholder approaches to hate crime monitoring, response and prevention.

Our Vision

A Europe where fundamental rights are secured for all and where victims of hate crime and hate speech can get access to effective support, protection and justice.

Our Mission

The Facing Facts Network works across communities and institutions to transform understandings of and responses to hate crime and hate speech in Europe and beyond for the benefit of victims, communities and EU societies. 

Our strategic objectives

  • To promote victim and outcome-focused practice that increases access to justice, support and safety through: improved reporting, recording, and data collection systems; better and more diverse victim services, and; effective, non-discriminatory investigation and prosecution responses; 
  • To generate effective and innovative systems-thinking and collaborative responses to the problem of hate crime and hate speech; 
  • To support transformative national change agents and anti-hate crime and hate speech communities of practice across Europe; 
  • To develop and ensure access to cutting edge, innovative and collaborative learning and capacity building on hate crime and hate speech, particularly in the online space.


Projects co-organised by Facing Facts

Facing Facts is a partner to several projects that support the Facing Facts Network strategic objectives.

“There are also impressive civil society initiatives to support improved monitoring and investigation of hate speech, such as the ‘Facing Facts’ programme”
, Michael O’Flaerty, FRA director at the European Conference on Antisemitism in Vienna in April 2023.

Facing Facts is co-funded by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme 
(2021-2027) of the European Union.