Facing Facts has offered a wide variety of learning opportunities on hate crime and hate speech for various stakeholders since 2012. Our cutting edge content and learning design are based on the latest research and evidence and incorporate the experience of CEJI’s decades’ long training experience and delivered in partnership with international and national  experts. We bring our expertise on hate crime and hate speech research and training to the key consultative platforms of the European Union and other international organisations.

We offer on-demand and custom-made trainings, in-person and online, for a range of target groups including CSOs, law enforcement, IGOs, ombudspersons and equality bodies, public authorities, policy makers, researchers, individual activists and anyone else interested in gaining a deeper knowledge of hate crime and hate speech.

Our regular courses

Our online courses on hate crime, hate speech and bias indicators are available upon registration on our e-learning platform Facing Facts Online. The highly popular course on understanding and improving hate crime recording and monitoring are only open for specific time periods to allow us to create a participatory learning environment with learner cohorts and tutorial support. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook, as well as subscribe to our newsletter to hear about course start dates.

Our commissioned and tailor-made learning and training

Facing Facts is proud to have been commissioned to design and deliver online learning and training on hate crime for a range of organisations, including a national ombudsperson’s office, a field mission for a major international organisation, four national police services as well as on hate speech for the European Journalism Center.

Find more information and testimonies from our tailor-made courses here, or email the Facing Facts Coordinator Melissa Sonnino to request an offer.

Our trainers and educators

Our trainers and educators are leading international experts in the fields of hate crime and hate speech, multi-stakeholder engagement and online learning.

Our academic engagement and resources

We are committed to sharing resources that can be integrated into existing learning within the Facing Community. These include a range of guides for engaging with diverse communities, a timeline of key milestones in the development of an international framework on hate crime recording and data collection and graphics and videos that explain what hate crime data is important and how data gets lost during the criminal justice process. Our own and others’ research directly informs the development of our in-person and online learning.

Facing Facts has been recognised as a resource by the Fundamental Rights Agency, the Organisation for Cooperation and Security in Europe (OSCE) and cited in academic research.