The Facing Facts Network (the Network) aims to improve the understanding of and responses to hate crime and hate speech in Europe. The Hate Speech Mapping report has been carried out with the following aims:

  • to map current research, resources and activities on hate speech;
  • to identify gaps and opportunities for the benefit of Network members and activities;
  • to identify questions for further research;
  • to serve as a collection of practices and resources for the reference and use of Network members. 

This work was based on seven research questions covering different aspects of Network members’ experiences regarding hate speech. Data was gathered through desk research, questionnaires for Network members, and interviews with key actors. Between August and October 2022, twelve interviews were conducted, and 8 questionnaires were completed. Data was then analysed and written up.

Although the perspectives of various actors are included, the gathered data mainly reflects the experiences and perspectives of civil society organisations. It is also important to emphasise that the scope of this mapping is limited to supporting the aims and work of the Facing Facts Network and its members. As such, it cannot be seen to represent the status quo across the EU, or in specific countries, or perspectives of all actors in the field. 

You can find the hate speech mapping here.
Please find an overview of hate speech legislation here.