What is Facing Facts?Two logos: Facing Facts Online and Facing Facts Network. The logo on the left is separated by a red line between Facing Facts and Online. The logo on the right is separated by a red line between Facing Facts and Network. On the bottom right you can find the social media handles: @facingfactseu for Instagram and Facebook. Facing Facts is the name on LinkedIn. On the top right, red points are connected with red lines creating a Network.

Facing Facts is an innovative programme aiming to tackle the issue of hate crime and hate speech in Europe. It is coordinated as an EU-funded programme by the non-profit organisation CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive EuropeSince its inception in 2011, this initiative has been praised for its role in training on, and advocating for, hate crime monitoring systems that expose overlooked hate motivated acts.

Facing Facts began as a partnership between four NGOs, with complementary experience in education, advocacy and hate crime monitoring to develop the first ‘train the trainer’ programme on monitoring hate crimes for Civil Society Organisations. Moving forward, Facing Facts has evolved into a broad European network of civil society organisations and law enforcement agencies that generate holistic, multi-stakeholder approaches to hate crime monitoring, response and prevention.

Due to increasing demand for capacity building programmes in this field by EU Member States, the Facing Facts training offer is now available online (www.facingfactsonline.eu) and is used by law enforcement and civil society representatives.  Multiple courses in multiple languages address specific aspects of identifying, monitoring and countering hate crime and hate speech.

Our Mission

The Facing Facts Network works across communities and institutions to transform understandings of and responses to hate crime and hate speech in Europe and beyond for the benefit of victims, communities and EU societies.

Our Vision

Our vision is a Europe where fundamental rights are secured for all and where victims of hate crime and hate speech can get access to increased support, protection and justice.

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