The Facing all the Facts project is funded by the European Union Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (JUST/2015/RRAC/AG/TRAI/8997) with a consortium of 3 law enforcement and 6 civil society organisations across 8 countries.

Lead Partner

CEJI-A Jewish contribution to an inclusive Europe



Facing all the Facts is generating more effective responses to hate crimes at national level and beyond so that bias motivated incidents will no longer be denied and victims’ rights protected.


1) To discover what works and identify gaps and opportunities to improve cooperation and data sharing between criminal justice systems and CSOs;
2) To develop high quality and targeted online training which will advance the implementation of hate crime strategies, and can be tailored to a variety of national contexts and integrated into existing learning programmes;
3) To build the capacity of law enforcement and public authorities to take a victim-centered approach to monitoring and recording hate crime; and
4) To inform EU policy through evidenced and practice-based recommendations on improving hate crime recording, reporting and training methods in these areas.


  1. European report
  2. Country reports


Online learning

Online training courses can be accessed by registering on

  1. Hate crime training for police
  2. Hate crime monitoring for civil society organisations
  3. Hate crime recording policy-making
  4. 7 Bias Indicators modules that address the specificities linked to hate crimes targeting the following communities:

Facing Facts delivers trainings and online courses addressing hate speech:

  1. Hate speech monitoring and counteraction available in English, French, German and Italian
  2. Hate speech advocacy

For interest in online courses that are not available to the public, such as those customized to specific national or organisational training strategies, please contact!