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Register for the Facing Facts Online Programme on Identifying, Monitoring and Responding to Hate Crime


Most of us probably think we know what hate crime is, but when it comes to the big questions, the answers might not be so obvious. Who is the most targeted? What makes hate crime different from other crimes? How big of a problem is it? How do I measure the problem and assess the effectiveness of responses to it? Facing Facts has been supporting learners to engage with these questions as part of our online learning since 2015.

The Facing Facts Online course on identifying, monitoring and responding to hate crime starts on 24th October.

Designed and delivered by our experts, this new four-week CPD Standard Office accredited course supports learners to:

  • Understand the hate crime concept.
  • Identify and monitor the most common forms of hate crime and their impact on victims and communities.
  • Use monitoring and quantitative data to advocate and secure improved safety, support and justice for victims and communities.
  • Explore what we know and can understand about the immediate and longer-term impact of global crisis on at-risk communities.

Read the detailed course description here or fill out the registration form to indicate your interest in the course!

Registration is open until the 2nd October.