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Private: Solidarity statement in support of Andrea Kozáry


CEJI, the coordinator of the Facing All the Facts project, was shocked to learn about the contract termination of Professor Andrea Kozáry’s employment at the National University of Public Service in Hungary.

Andrea Kozáry has been essential to the success of Facing All the Facts project in Hungary. She worked tirelessly on the project and brought her invaluable, decades-long hate crime and training expertise to the project outputs. Her dedication to teaching future police officers about hate crimes was making an important contribution to improving the recording and reporting of bias motivated incidents in Hungary.

The removal of Andrea Kozáry from her position as Professor at NUPS’s Faculty of Law Enforcement prevents her from completing the reporting phase of the Facing All the Facts project, but it also prevents her from further exploiting the project’s educational tools for the benefit of Hungarian hate crime policy implementation.

Taking into consideration her commitment, achievements and dedication to the project, we are deeply concerned about the future of police training on hate crime in Hungary, in particular the implementation of the Facing All the Facts educational tools. The abrupt dismissal of Andrea Kozáry leaves a gap in the field of educating law enforcement about hate crimes.