Facing Facts Online

Started in 2015, Facing Facts Online has been our first experience in the e-Learning world. 

The highly successful Facing Facts training has been transformed into two online courses on identifying, monitoring and countering hate crime and hate speech. With this online training courses Facing Facts reaches a broader audience of CSOs, law enforcement, governmental bodies and individuals who wish to take action.

Crucially, Facing Facts Online meets the needs of the many CSOs and individuals who do not have the resources to attend residential training. As with the original Facing Facts! training, participants will be supported to improve their existing efforts to monitor hate crime and counter hate speech or to even set up their own methodology from scratch.

Read more about Facing Facts online visiting our training section and the Frequently Asked Questions page 

Already 50 participants have been trained with our online course on monitoring hate crime. Make sure you receive all the info about our upcoming online course on monitoring hate crime by sending an email of interest to melissa.sonnino@ceji.org