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Facing Facts Network in the making


CEJI is excited to announce plans for taking the Facing Facts initiative to the next level by forming the Facing Facts Network. Having submitted a Framework Partnership Application to the European Commission, we are planning to solidify, reinforce and support our existing network in order to continue improving responses to hate crime and hate speech across Europe.

The Facing Facts Network is a dynamic group of civil society organisations, public authorities and community members that has started to transform understandings of and responses to hate crime and hate speech in Europe and beyond, with the shared aim of securing fundamental rights for all.

The Network aims to amplify the voices of those who are making extraordinary efforts to ensure a safe and just society for all despite the scarcity of resources, the challenges posed by the pandemic and the struggle to establish effective cooperation across institutional and community boundaries.  

We look forward to hearing the results of the application in the autumn and to joining forces on taking the work on hate crime and hate speech to the next level.