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Private: Moderating online hate speech

For whom?

If you are an activist, community leader, blogger, vlogger or a professional interested in encouraging peaceful online exchanges, this course is for you! It will connect you with a community of moderators while preparing you to moderate online content, whether that is on your own website, social media platforms, forums or on behalf of your organization.

About this course

This course was developed within the EU-funded sCAN project together with Respect Zone to draw into focus the role of a moderator in an online space, how this fits within wider responsibilities arising from legislation on hate speech and/or from a moderation charter, and effective strategies for moderation.

Knowing how complex these themes can be, we have simplified the learning process using videos, dynamic lectures, case studies, testimonies, and quizzes.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Gain new insights;
  • Nourish your critical and analytical mindset but for online content especially;
  • Have an action plan for your moderation activities;

 What you will get

  • The concept of moderation: Learn what it means to be a moderator and where such moderation can be conducted.
  • Qualification criteria: Know which skills you need in order to be a successful moderator.
  • Moderation options: Explore the types of moderation you can engage in and the different options you have when addressing hateful online content
  • Legal framework: Familiarize yourself with legislation on hate speech and a moderator’s charter.
  • Online safety: Learn how to secure yourself online, both technologically and mentally.


Earning a certificate

Studies show that aiming for a certificate helps to keep the motivation throughout the course, as well as it increases the sense of achievement upon course completion. Since we are not for profit, by upgrading your course access to premium, you can also support the platform and further course developments. Enroll to the course now on the top of the page and upgrade your access there in order to earn a certificate!


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