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Hate Speech Advocacy

Advocating for better measures about hate speech on national or international level more effectively.

For whom?

This course aims to give you an overview of existing advocacy tools and to help you in creating your own advocacy plan step-by-step. We will define what hate speech is, looking at some of they key definitions and legislations; we will define advocacy and how it works, mapping stakeholders and exploring the existing advocacy tools that may help you identify and support your target group; and lastly, we will help you with creating an action plan for yourself in order to turn your advocacy efforts into success.

About this course

The course can be useful for people with various advocacy goals. It is ideal for individual activists, members of civil society organizations, members of a community or of a public authority who would like:

  •  to learn the definition of hate speech, understand its impact and how national and international legislation plays a role in both
  • to comprehend the variety of advocacy tools and apply the most suitable ones depending on individual goals
  • to improve their overall advocacy impact through careful planning and better understanding of the tools available

At the end of the course you will be able to…

  • Explain the nature and impact of hate speech on national and international levels
  • Learn how to use advocacy to effectively counteract hate speech
  • Understand the different advocacy techniques along with their pros and cons
  • Create a personal action plan
  • Reflect on current practices

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