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Hate crime training for police

Training front-line police officers on hate crime is essential for improving the recognition and recording of hate crimes

For whom

This course is designed law enforcement agencies with a special focus on front-line police officers who might deal with hate crimes on a regular basis.

About this course

Consisting only of 4 hours, this brief online course offers a dynamic insight into understanding and identifying hate crime. It combines essential theory and practical suggestions to equip participants with the basics hate crimes. The course also helps to appreciate the nature of hate crimes and to understand their impact on victims, communities and society as a whole, while providing practical suggestions to improve responses and increase reporting.

This course can be taken as an introduction to hate crime before completing any of the bias indicator courses that focus on antisemitic, anti-Roma, anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT, anti-migrant, anti-black and disability hate crimes.

The course is ideal for police officers who would like to:

– recognize the signs of prejudice, hostility and bias that drive hate crime;

– understand the nature and impact of hate crime;

– learn more about how to reach out to victims and their communities to offer support.

At the end of the course you will be able to…

  • Recognize and explain the nature and impact of hate crime
  • Understand the importance of recording and the reasons for under-reporting
  • Identify bias indicators and preventive strategies
  • Consider ways that encourage victims’ confidence in reporting
  • Improve the hate crime monitoring system through multi-stakeholder cooperation

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