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Training Development Workshops


On April 20th, experts from international and Roma organisations met in Brussels to set the ground for the development of an online course on anti-Gypsyism bias indicators. The purpose is to improve recognition, recording and responses to hate crime and hate speech against Roma people.

During the meeting, were identified specific learning needs for civil society organisations, police and prosecutors to recognize and record anti-Gypsism crime. The course will address the specificities of anti-Gypsism bias indicators and the challenges of establishing positive relationship with Roma communities.

This 4 hour course is part of a series of online courses that will be developed in the framework of the “Facing all the Facts project” and build on the recently launched Facing Facts online courses for CSOs on how to monitor hate crime and hate speech. Other four modules on anti-muslim, anti-Jewish, anti-Migrants and anti-LGBT bias indicators will be developed and released in 2018.