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SafeNet Factsheets N°8


We present CEJI’s national factsheet N°8 in English.

The process of reporting hateful comments is becoming slower, and less hateful content is being removed. Trusted Flagger status remains crucial for the removal of such content. In some instances,
responses were formal, clearly indicating a reliance on algorithms rather than staff moderation. Social media behaviour thus remains dependent on the national context, with content being blocked in
some countries but remaining visible elsewhere.

This Factsheet is part of the 24-month project SafeNet: Monitoring and Reporting for Safer Online Environments.

Joining 21 partners and coordinated by INACH (International Network against Cyber Hate), the project focuses on continuous monitoring and reporting hate speech content to the IT companies and responsible authorities and awareness raising by regular advocacy towards the social media companies, providing consolidated and interpreted data to national authorities as well as running national bi-monthly information campaigns involving different stakeholders, including IT companies, public authorities, civil society organisations and media.

Find the Fact Sheet N°8 here.