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New Hate Crime Data from 2015 ODIHR report


Published on November 16th , the 2015 ODIHR hate crime report highlights an under-reporting of bias motivations and gaps in reporting across countries. The report gathers data from official countries, civil societies as well as IGO information and provides keys observation on member states policies and action to tackle hate crime.

2015 was a hard year for Europe with the crisis in and around Ukraine, the threat and attacks of terrorism as well as the refugee and migration crisis across the Mediterranean Sea. Nonetheless some countries improved their responses to hate crime, such as Poland and the United Kingdom.. The vast majority of countries still struggle to have in place effective system to monitor and respond to hate crime. The recommendation sections contained in the ODIHR hate crime website provide relevant insights on how improve monitoring and countering hate crime in specific national contexts.

Effective systems to record and report are key to tackle hate crime. Data as gathered in the ODIHR hate crime website are fundamental for NGOs and practitioners in the field to advocate for effective policy responses at national level. Evidence is vital to make hate crime more visible in society and to set the ground for victims to coming forward.