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Facing Facts Network Announcement


The Facing Facts Network is entering a new phase.

With the financial support of the European Commission operating grant, the Facing Facts Network represents a collaborative space for international organisations, national governments, and civil society organisations putting forward innovative solutions and opportunities to prevent and respond to hate crime and hate speech.

New funding and support will be directed to strengthen the Network’s aims and effectiveness on matters of research and training, creating relationships and opportunities to enhance the cooperation between the network’s stakeholders to influence policies at different levels.

Our objectives are more ambitious than ever:

  • To be an influential voice at European Level informing programmes and strategies of the European Commission, EU agencies, and other relevant international organisations;
  • To improve the visibility and influence–at the transnational, European level–of national and local organisations that are at the forefront of supporting victims and collaborative practice;
  • To support the success and effectiveness of national projects related to hate crime and hate speech training and capacity building activities.
  • To produce regular policy briefings on international developments and trends and share national members’ inputs in policy-influencing forums.
  • To sustain an active, multidisciplinary, professional community which aims to understand the problem of hate with its complexities and challenges and to innovate for effective responses.

In the upcoming months we will work to build and strengthen the foundation of the network. Our activities will range from capacity building to research and advocacy. We will further exploit and raise to the next level successful Facing Facts initiatives, such as the System Map Methodology and our renowned online cohorts on hate crime and hate speech.

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