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Facing Facts Joins EU Project to Tackle Hate Speech Online


CEJI is pleased to announce the recent partnership with the EU funded project eMORE aiming to gain a greater understanding of the phenomena of hate speech online. The eMORE project is coordinated by the Research Centre on Security and Crimes (RISSC) in Italy in partnership with 11 NGOs across Europe.

The development of a crawler, an innovative tool to automatically detect and monitor hate speech online, and a Mobile phone APP will be the center pieces of the project.

CEJI’s involvement in this project follows our work with the Facing Facts project, as part of our long term commitment to make  hate crime and hate speech more visible to society. The outcomes of the eMORE project will be integrated in our new online courses on monitoring hate crime and hate speech. 

The eMORE project is co-funded by the RIGHTS, EQUALITY AND CITIZENSHIP PROGRAMME (2014-2020) of the European Union