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Facing Facts course on hate crime receives CPD Standards Office accreditation


CEJI is excited to announce that the Facing Facts course on monitoring and responding to hate crimes is now accredited with the Official CPD Standards Office Accreditation.

Participants have the opportunity of being awarded with CPD hours and a CPD Certificate following full attendance or completion of the CPD activities of the course.

Facing Facts is an innovative programme and network aiming to tackle the issue of hate crime and hate speech in Europe. Since its inception, this community of practice has been praised for its role in training and advocating for hate crime monitoring systems that expose overlooked hate-motivated acts.

Our cutting edge content and learning design are based on the latest research and evidence and incorporate CEJI’s decades-long training experiences and is delivered in partnership with both international and national experts.

We look forward to using our new role of Accredited Provider with the CPD Standards Office as a benefit for participants coming from different groups such as civil society organisations, law enforcement and public authorities.

Designed and delivered by our global experts, this new fourweek course supports learners to:

    • Understand the hate crime concept;
    • Identify and monitor the most common forms of hate crime and their impact on victims and communities;
    • Use monitoring and quantitative data to advocate and secure improved safety, support and justice for victims and communities;
    • Explore what we know and can understand about the immediate and the longer term impact of COVID-19 for at-risk communities.