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‘Facing all the Facts’ project ready to start


Facing all the Facts has officially started October 15th! The Facing Facts team an the partners all are eager to work on this new exciting phase of the project.

Facing all the Facts aims to generate more efficient responses to hate crime and hate speech at national level and beyond.  Mantaining and consolidating our multi-stakeholders approach, in the next two years Facing Facts

  1. wil discover what works and identify gaps and obstacles to improve cooperation and data sharing between criminal justice systems and CSOs by conducting a research in five EU countries;
  2. will build the capacity of public authorities and civil society on monitoring hate crime and hate speech by developing a total new offer of online courses. The online resources will include specific modules on identifying and evidencing Disability, anti-Roma, anti-Muslim, Antisemitism, anti-LGBT, anti—migrant bias indicators;
  3. will bring together online training users and key stakeholders in several public events, continuing to provide a platform for exchange and best practice sharing, thus for developing relevant and evidence-based policy recommendations.

The project is coordinated by CEJI in partnership with:

Associate Partners in the project are:

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 Facing all the Facts is Funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union.