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Call for tender: video maker or video editor


to create videos for promotional purposes and online learning in the context of hate crime and hate speech

Be aware that this is a call for tender. We are looking for service contractors and we will not offer a long-term employment.


The Facing Facts Network is a multidisciplinary and interinstitutional group of members that works to better understand and address hate crime and hate speech in Europe through research, training and advocacy. We are seeking someone who can produce videos to promote our training content and support our e-learning professionally. The chosen supplier must be able to invoice within the EU.

The main types of services needed are:

– Produce promo teasers for the website and social media (45 sec);
– Edit videos of webinars/ explanatory videos for online learning (up to 1 hour);
– Produce videos with animation and graphic storytelling (2-3 min);

Requirements for each project:

– Take into account existing visual guidelines;
– Use licensed music;
– Be available for feedback and be responsive upon project completion for 4-5 review rounds;
Keen to work in cooperation with the project team/partners;

Documents to be submitted for the tender:

– statement of interest;
– Portfolio of work and clients;
– description of services;
– indicative pricing for tasks described per hour and/or per day;

How to Apply 

Please submit your CV and a statement of interest with your work portfolio to melissa.sonnino@ceji.org by 28 February 2023.