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At Facing Facts conference, more than 100 representatives unite against hatred


Press release

More than 100 representatives of civil society, national governments, social media companies from all corners of Europe gathered today at the Facing All the Facts conference at Microsoft Innovation Center in Brussels.

The Facing All the Facts Project, coordinated by CEJI-A Jewish contribution to an inclusive Europe, has been for the past two years working on improving the recognition, recording and responses to hate speech and hate crimes across the EU through research, education and advocacy.

Organizations concerned with racism, discrimination, hate speech and hate crimes towards Jews, Muslims, refugees, Roma, disabled and LGBT communities participated in the interactive plenaries and workshops to discuss the next steps in tackling hate crimes and hate speech through improved coordination.

By spring 2019, the project will result in 69 courses on hate speech, hate crimes and bias indicators in several languages, including French, German, Spanish, Greek, Hungarian and Dutch, hosted on the Facing Facts Online e-learning platform.

These courses also fall in line with the recently released declaration of the European Council urging Member States to fight antisemitism and hate crimes through education, among other tools.
Alain Philippson, Chairman of CEJI, the lead partner of Facing All the Facts concluded the event emphasising that these days “it’s all the more important that each of us, with our specific identity, stand up for the rights of all people. The security of the Jewish people in Europe is interdependent of the security of all peoples. A society which is truly inclusive, is inclusive of all diversity.”

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Communication Officer Julia Mozer at julia.mozer@ceji.org.

11th December, 2018