Terms and conditions for taking the Facing Facts online courses


Terms and conditions for taking the Facing Facts online courses

By enrolling to a Facing Facts Online course, I accept the terms and conditions listed below. 

I)    On forms of discrimination

Facing Facts Online offers courses to understand and counter all forms of hate crime and hate speech. Your concentration of efforts may be aimed at protecting victims of a single group but by taking any of these courses you agree to condemn all forms of hate crime, hate speech and discrimination regardless of the motivation and accept that it can never be justified to allow our beliefs to justify discrimination or a criminal or a hateful act against any other person based on their:

•    Disability
•    Ethnicity, including immigration status
•    Gender Identity
•    Religious beliefs
•    Sexual orientation 
•    Or any other feature or characteristic.

In your participation in Facing Facts Online Courses you accept that individuals and groups hold diverse values and beliefs and that you will always consider the impact of your actions and words on others. To demonstrate your commitment to the philosophy and values of Facing Facts, you agree not to say, do or promote anything which is intended to encourage or incite discrimination, hate crime or hate speech against any person or group.

II)    On behavior in the discussion forum

When exchanging thoughts and ideas in the discussion forum, please be respectful to others and do not make offensive or inflammatory comments. If there is a disagreement, make sure you focus on the ideas and not on the person you disagree with. Communicating in writing can be misleading, especially when interacting with people from different cultures, backgrounds, ages, religions, nationalities, etc. so be as clear as possible while also giving the benefit of doubt if you come across an input that might be controversial.

If a comment is offensive and you think it should not stay in the discussion forum, please notify us by emailing a print screen and the link to the comment at onlinelearning@facingfacts.eu.

III)     On privacy

As discussion forum posts are available for all basic and premium users, make sure that you do not post any personal information online that you do not feel comfortable sharing with others.

IV)    On moderation

While we do our best to moderate the conversation in the discussion forum if and when needed, we cannot guarantee constant monitoring and moderation. If you come across a harmful comment that you think is not suitable for the course, please let us know as soon as possible by sending the link and the print screen of the comment to onlinelearning@facingfacts.eu and to one of course tutors via the chat function of the platform. 

V)    On copying and publishing course material

Please contact us at onlinelearning@facingfacts.eu if you wish to use any part of the course material. We are happy to be an inspiration for you but our authorization is required for any use of the course material.
Please note that failing to keep these terms and conditions can result in expulsion from the course and/or the platform.