Facing all the Facts

Facing All The Facts


Facing all the Facts takes a collaborative approach to unmask the full extent and nature of hate crime and hate speech working through a coalition of civil society organizations, policy leads, national law enforcement authorities and practitioners with a focus (but not limited to) six European Member States: UK, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Italy and Hungary.  

Our exceptional and diverse group of partners works toward the achievement of the following objectives

  1. To research what works best to facilitate co-operation and data sharing between criminal justice systems and civil society organisations.
  2. To build the capacity of law enforcement, prosecutors and civil society to monitor hate crime and hate speech in person and online, and to develop guidance and models for collaborative working at a national level.
  3. To produce high quality and targeted training on how to identify, record and monitor hate crimes against specific target groups which can be tailored to a variety of national contexts and integrated in existing learning programmes.
  4. To inform EU policy through evidenced and practice-based recommendations on improving hate crime and hate speech recording, reporting and training methods in these areas.
  5. To ensure that training materials and methods on hate crime are accessible to users with disabilities


The project builds on three key activities: research, training and networking&advocacy

  1. Policy research to identify the ingredients for effective co-operation on hate crime monitoring between civil society organisations and law enforcement
  2. Online training modules on 
    • understanding group specific bias indicators and the need of victim communities
    • addressing hate crime and hate speech for CSOs, Police and prosecutors
    • addressing the development and implementation of effective policies regarding hate speech and hate crime recording
  3. European Multi-stakeholders Networking event in Brussels in 2018  


  1. National policy leads with responsibility for hate crime recording systems and Policy Makers.  
  2. Police and prosecutors with responsibility for recognising and recording hate crimes and hate crime prosecutions. 
  3. Training and staff development leads in public authorities, IGOs and civil society organisations.
  4. Civil society organisations monitoring hate crime and hate speech 
  5. The EU Institutions and International Organisations. 

Facing all the Facts is Funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union.