eMORE Project

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Facing Facts!'s mission to counter hate crime and hate speech through innovative educational tools, found a perfect fit in the european project eMORE. Facing Facts! coordinator, CEJI, is a full partner in this project which is a technology-oriented initiative and relies on technologies, a solid research activity and online education to gain a sound understanding of the phenomena/trends of hate speech over the Internet, to allow comparative analysis, and to support the harmonised combating against hate-motivated offences at EU/national level.

The project centerpiece is the development of a crawler, an artificial intelligence able to automatically detect hate speech online. Currently in its pilot phase, the eMORE crawler has the potential to become a great support for all those organizations and volunteers committed to monitor systematically hate speech online. 




The project has also developed a smartphone app to report hate speech online for research purposes. The eMORE app is an opportunity for anyone who wants to take action against hate speech. The APP provides an easy to use system that keeps track of reports, removal status and allows for screenshot and recording of website urls.The knowledge generated by the reports received via the APP will integrate the project's research work, thus wil support coordinated advocacy actions to urge the main stakeholders, including governments and IT companies, to take an active role in taking hate speech down. The APP is available in the APPLE and GOOGLE APP stores in the following countries: UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Malta, Cyprus, Portugal and Romania. 

Watch the eMORE APP promo video:


eMORE promo video ENG Subtitles from Facing Facts on Vimeo.

The new technological eMORE tools will be also integrated in a new online course on monitoring hate speech which will be developed by CEJI in close cooperation with the project's partners and hosted by the Facing Facts Online platform. 

The project is coordinated by RISSC – Research Centre on Security and Crime, it / in partnership with CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe, be / CLR – Centre for Legal Resources, ro / College for Public Administration andAdministration for Justice – Police Department, de / IDOS Research Centre, it / Associação ILGA Portugal, pt / LAND, it / KISA – Action for EqualitySupportAntiracism, cy / MPG – MigrationPolicy Group, be / North West Migrants Forum, uk / PI – Peace Institute, sl / SOS Malta, mt

The project is  Co-funded by the RIGHTS, EQUALITY AND CITIZENSHIP PROGRAMME (2014-2020) of the European Union