Stephanos Stavros

“In the case of hate crime, the whole community becomes a victim”

Stephanos Stavros, Executive Secretary at the Council of Europe European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)

Clara Grosset

“Make sure to know what the victims want. Make sure we care about the victims”

Clara Grosset, Open Society Foundations.

Asif Sadiq (National Association of Muslim Police)

“It is important for us to work closely with CSOs have a good understanding of what role the Police service and the CSOs play and to help victims have confidence in reporting things to us.

Asif Sadiq, National Association of Muslim Police

Paul Iganski

“It is about rights and human dignity”

Paul Iganski, criminologist from Lancaster University focusing on hate crimes.

Shane O'Curry (ENAR Ireland)

".… even people from majority communities suffer because of hate crime”

Shane O’Curry, ENAR Ireland

Frank Larkin

“A safe environment for people to report and to know that the protest is going to be carried through the whole way to getting justice”

Frank Larkin, Disability Awareness & Equality Trainer

Valentin Gonzalez

“In today’s world, the best way to protect against history repeating itself is to … protect the victims of hate crimes—to make hate crimes visible. […] When they are visible, citizens start to watch and consequently policies start to be implemented.”

Valentin Gonzalez, President of Movimiento Contra la Intolerancia