Facing Facts offers custom-made online courses and training for CSOs, law enforcement, IGOs staff, ombudspersons, public authorities and decision makers.

Since 2012, the Facing Facts team has developed a unique expertise in training/building the capacities of many on hate crime monitoring. By working in partnership with national police and public authorities, we complement the knowledge of international best practices with elements of the national legal system.

What we offer

We offer tailor-made courses upon a careful needs assessment, where we explicitly define learning objectives and outcomes of the courses. The course content is entirely adapted the local needs, while connecting to international standards. The online tutoring, that includes live tutorials, discussion forum exchanges and online activities, is delivered by the Facing Facts team.

Again, big thanks to you and Joanna for your support in this activity! It gives me much more confidence in doing my job. (OSCE/ODIHR staff member)

Our expertise

In the past nine years, Facing Facts has developed into a wide variety of research-informed and evidence-based courses targeting law enforcement, policy makers and civil society organisations, with the help of international experts and our network of partners and practitioners. Since its inception in 2015, Facing Facts Online has been the only online learning platform dedicated to improving the ability of law enforcement, criminal justice and victim support practitioners to understand and address hate crime and hate speech.

For me, the course has been an eye-opener into the world of hate crime monitoring and advocacy. Our association, Anti-Hate Crime Organisation Finland, is at the beginning stages and I am confident that the information I get from the course will help me a lot. There is never too much information and I must admit that the information offered in this course is comprehensive. And for that I am grateful. (NGO Representative, Finland)

Our clients

Facing Facts has delivered custom-made learning programmes on hate crime to three national police forces: in Italy in partnership with OSCAD, in Hungary in partnership with NUPS, and in England and Wales in partnership with NPCC. A fourth course for law enforcement is under development for An Garda Síochána, the Irish national police service.

We have also designed and delivered online learning for a national Ombudsperson’s Office and on hate speech targeting journalists, for the European Journalism Center.

Watch this space for further announcements on new commissions!

Our courses and approach have been included in resources published by the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) as well as by the European Commission.

I have almost finished my activities with this course but I want to learn more from the additional courses – for identifying: antisemitic hate crime, anti-LGBT hate crime, anti-Muslim hate crime, anti-Roma hate crime and anti-migrant hate crime. I admire the opportunity to do the quiz – it is very useful for me, and the case studies. And of course the possibility to share experience and practices with the other participants. (Police officer, Bulgaria)

Our trainers

The Facing Facts Online team is highly experienced in the development and delivery of training on hate crime both online and in person. The team has recently completed a three year project, Facing all the Facts, funded by the European Commission, which involved:

  • developing and producing the first bespoke online learning programmes on hate crime for police in England and Wales, Hungary and Italy,
  • developing and delivering in-depth, online learning on the key areas of hate crime including modules that focus on specific bias motivations.

Get in touch

For more information about the bespoke training possibilities, please contact Facing Facts project coordinator Melissa Sonnino via email at melissa.sonnino@ceji.org or at onlinelearning@ceji.org.