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Facing Facts! is a civil society initiative that aims to improve the recognition and recording of (and responses to) hate crime and hate speech at national level and beyond by working across civil society and public authorities.

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Like coffee, hate speech has its distinctive features in every country and language, so we made sure you can take the Facing Facts Online course “Understanding and fighting hate speech” in the language that works the best for you, may that be English, German or Italian.

The multimedia report gathers inputs and outcomes from the conference as a reminder for those who were there, and as an opportunity to experience it for those who missed it. 

Registration is open for the new cohort of the Facing Facts online course on hate speech!

Sign up now and join the new cohort starting on 14th February, Thursday.

Hate Speech im Internet ist ein globales Problem, dass eine globale Lösung benötigt. Die Mehrheit der Internetnutzer*innen wurden bereits Zeug*innen oder Betroffene von Beleidigungen, Beschämung, Belästigungen und/oder Verhetzung online. Es wird Zeit, aufzustehen und etwas gegen Hass und Hetze zu tun! Der Facing Facts Online-Kurs "Hate Speech – Was tun?" bietet die perfekte Gelegenheit dazu.

Registration is open for the Facing all the Facts multimedia conference for a collaborative approach to tackling hate crime and hate speech In Brussels on December 11th 2018. For national government representatives, law enforcement, civil society and international organisations - All who are concerned with better responses to hate crime and hate speech


Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the next Facing Facts webinar on antisemitic hate speech. John Mann, UK Mep an Chair of the Parliamentary Committee Against Antisemitism will discuss the problem of antisemitic hate speech and answer the audience's questions on October 25th at 12:00 pm Brussels Time. Registration is now open! 

Facing Facts! and eMORE's contribution to the Brussels-based React to Racism campaignRespect dans ma ville, respect en ville (Respect in my city, respect online) will be launched on the 5th February with a training for volunteers on hate speech. 

The majority of internet users have witnessed or been a victim of online harassment. It is time to stand up against hatred and take action! The Facing Facts course on online hate speech provides the perfect opportunity. For a detailed course description, click here.